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What are Life Experience Degrees?

Life experience degrees are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated core competencies of skill and knowledge in their prospective career field. Schools that offer Life Experience Degrees use a Prior Learning Assessment Bar to assess your prior experience. Your prior experience can include: military service, work experience, prior college, certificates of achievement, travel, professional development courses and workshops, community and volunteer services and much more. Read more..

The Emergence of Life Experience

The concept of “Degrees on the basis of life experience” was originated in 1987, having evolved from the philosophy of earning course credits on the basis of one’s work experience as offered by some leading institutions in the US. Life experience degree suits individuals who possess basic to expert level exposure and experience in a specific field, but lack educational documents to prove themselves. This makes individuals stay back and struggle getting jobs and promotions. Through Life Experience Degrees, individuals can now get recognition for their skills and talents from an Accredited University. Read more..

Why are the Life Experience based Degrees the best choice of working adults and acceptable to employers?

A life Experience Degree can help you advance in your current career or accomplish a life long dream that you could not have currently accomplished without a college degree. Today, more then ever it is important to have a college degree. The job market is becoming more competitive each day. More people are retiring later in their career and we have more college degreed professionals flooding the market looking for jobs. Now more then ever you will need a college degree on your resume to get your foot into the door. Between 5 and 10 percent of people do experience some difficulty because of life experience credit, or a non-traditional transcript, but this means that 90-95 percent have no problem when it comes to job placement or career advancement. Read more..

Why Do Students prefer Life Experience based Degrees?

More than 4 million students alone in the US opt for Life Experience based Degrees and this ratio is growing by 30% per year. These Life Experience degrees are now extensively accepted and have also got accreditation status from various prestigious accredited institutes/organizations. Read more..

Life Experience Degrees - at present and in the future
Life experience degrees are becoming more and more popular for the many working adults who seek to earn credentials for their hard work, experience,
education and skills. Many professionals who do not have a graduate or under graduate degree in their field of work will eventually discover at one point of their career as to how life experience degrees can prove to be very convenient in boosting their professional development graph to new heights.

Which one’s the best university of all? A standard question. We all want to be the best. The chase of being the top achiever is the key priority of most of us. So let us have the top ten online life experience universities listed down fro you:

Top 10 Life Experience High Schools & Universities Online

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Success Story Corner

Working late hours constantly and managing my career along with it was hindering my personal life. Taking regular classes only added to my problems.

It was then that the Life Experience Degree concept came as a revelation for me. I never knew that all the hard work could be transferred into course credits and I could actually earn a degree based on that.

I’m really glad that I went for it.

Sharon Grey, MBA in Marketing

What types of Life Experience Degrees are awarded?
  • Diploma, degrees, high school diploma, associates, masters, doctorate and any combination.
  • You can get the degrees in any majors or subjects accounts, finance, history, arts, teaching, library management, museum, crafts, music and many more subjects.

Why should you obtain Life Experience Degrees?

  • Did you miss out your studies after certain levels due to financial problems? If yes, this is the golden opportunity to get a degree.

  • Were you forced by your parents to start earning at an early age, discontinuing your studies? You must then grab this once in a lifetime chance to get a degree.