What types of Life Experience Degrees are awarded?
  • Diploma, degrees, high school diploma, associates, masters, doctorate and any combination.
  • You can get the degrees in any majors or subjects accounts, finance, history, arts, teaching, library management, museum, crafts, music and many more subjects.

Wevac University

WEVAC UNIVERSITY has become the number 1 choice for working adults worldwide.

Unlike other universities, WEVAC provides 100% recognition of the work or life experience of its students after quality evaluation by its highly qualified and experienced faculty, who evaluates the background, experience, and qualifications of the working adults who apply to WEVAC for their work or life experience based degrees.

The university provides accredited bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, associate degrees, doctorate degrees and high school diplomas.

The University is fully accredited and recognized by:

  1. The Organization for Online Learning Accreditation (OKOLA) and
  2. The International Online Education Accrediting Board (IOEAB).

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Featured Degree Programs:
  • Associate
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctorate
  • High School Diploma

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Prospective students and Alumni: You can contact at 800-679-0653

Verification Services: You can contact at 800-862-8884